Here comes a handy vocabulary of Wise:

  • Delegator — a user who owns the voting power and allows the voter to use it.
  • Voter — a user who votes using the account of the delegator (with delegator’s voting power)
  • Daemon — a service that is running on delegator’s server, that receives vote orders sent by the voter and decides weather to vote as the voter asked, or to reject the voteorder.
  • *Wise platform* (planned) — an alternative to the daemon, which allows a user to be a delegator without setting up the daemon (instead the daemon is operated by us). Wise platform is under development now.
  • Ruleset — named set of rules under which specified voter can vote with the delegator’s account. Ruleset has a name, has a voter defined and has zero or more rules specified.
  • Voteorder — a request from the voter to the delegator to vote for a given post. Contains name of the ruleset, author and permlink of the post.