Voting using the Voter Page

You will find the Voter Page here.

Someone had allowed you to vote on his/her behalf? It’s now time to do it! Remember that the delegation is a symbol of trust, so think carefully and check the article for which you want to vote. Also remember that you got this delegation because your delegator want you to do it, so don’t hesitate to do it. A vote can be undone in case of a mistake.


1. Go to Voting Page


2. Enter your username and username of the person who has delegated you the vote ↑


3. Click the blue button to load the rules under which you can use the delegation ↑


4. It will take a moment for the rules to load


5. Now choose under which set of rules you will vote

The delegator can delegate you a few rulesets with different allowed weight and different rules. You have to choose which you want to use.


  1. After pasting the link, it will be converted into format: “@author/permlink”
  2. When choosing the weight of the vote, remember that the positive percentage means upvote and the negative is a flag.
  3. Click “Validate voteorder” and wait for the rules to be checked. You have to remember that in addition to the rules being checked now — they will be also checked second time by the delegator’s daemon.


7. Enter YOUR posting key and click on the button.

  1. As you can see on this picture, the vote command was correct and all rules were fulfilled. It may also happen that the post you have selected does not meet the criteria or selected weight is disallowed. If such a situation occurs, you will then get an error message.
  2. Place your posting key in the field. It is needed because the voice command is placed on the blockchain as custom_json on your behalf.
  3. Click the button and wait for green message of success :)

8. Enjoy the well-fulfilled duty of making Steem a better place

Your voteorder has been placed on blockchain using custom_json command. It will be then the processed by the delegator’s daemon (on his server / computer). If delegator’s daemon is running now — it will be a matter of 3-12 seconds.