Rule: tags

This are informations on a single rule. To find out how to create whole rulesets please see the following sections: rules and synchronising rules.

Tags rule restricts post tags in four modes.

This rule has two fields: mode and tags.

  • mode: There are four modes: allow, deny, require, any.
    • Allow: all post tags must be on the list
    • Deny: no of the post tags can be on the list
    • Require: the post must have all tags from the list, but can include other not listed tags.
    • Any: the post has to include at least one of the listed tags
  • tags: a list of tags

Here is an example of any mode:

- voter: andrejcibik
    - name: Graphics & design
      description: You can vote for post with any of the tags: graphics, design and webdesign
        - rule: tags
          mode: any
            - graphics
            - design
            - webdesign