Rule: voters

This are informations on a single rule. To find out how to create whole rulesets please see the following sections: rules and synchronising rules.

Voters rule allows you to validate voteorder based on who is voting for the post.

This rule has two fields: mode and usernames.

  • mode: There are four modes: one, none, any and all.
    • One: “one of” - every post voter must be within this list)
    • None: “none of” - every voter must not be on the list
    • Any: “any of” - post should be voted on by at least one of the voters from the list
    • All: “all of” - all usernames from the list must vote on the post
  • usernames: a list of voters account names

Here is an example of any mode:

- voter: nicniezgrublem
    - name: Wise moderation team
      description: You can vote for post that has not been voted on by any of your team peers.
        - rule: voters
          mode: none
            - noisy
            - perduta
            - jblew
            - smashedturtle
            - andrej.cibik