Rule: weight

This are informations on a single rule. To find out how to create whole rulesets please see the following sections: rules and synchronising rules.

Weight rule limits the weight of a single vote. Positive values indicate an upvote while negative indicate a flag. -10000 is a full (100%) flag and 10000 is a full upvote. 0 cancels the upvote/flag and removes the voter from the post’s voters list.

The values are in the steem percent format. -10000 = -100%, -5000 = -50%, 0 = 0%, 100 = 1%, 80000 = 80% and 10000 = 100%.

This rule has two fields: min and max.

  • min: the minimal weight of the vote.
  • max: the maximal weight of a vote.

Here is an example:

- voter: jblew
    - name: Flag not too much
      description: "You can flag up to a 1% flag."
        - rule: weight
          min: -100
          max: 0

Another example:

- voter: perduta
    - name: Flag, uptove but do not reset your vote.
      description: "You can upvote, flag, but reseting the vote is forbidden."
        - rule: weight
          min: -10000
          max: -1
        - rule: weight
          min: 1
          max: 10000